EFT tapping and Meditation

The benefits of meditation are numerous and well documented. Mind Muscle combines a guided meditation with EFT tapping to facilitate a unique experience.


Three in one EFT tapping meditation

Mind Muscle three in one meditation

Mind Muscle’s meditation is a three fold process. Each part is a meditation on it’s own, but also designed to improve inner awareness and bring more consciousness to the connection between the mind-feeling-body. The first part of the meditation is a letting go. Here the emotion of an event or stress from the day, or past few days, is felt and released from the body. The second part is is a conscious connecting with a joyful experience. Lastly, in the third part, there’s an embrace of our magnificence as a human being. Time and space is provided after each part of the meditation to fully experience the altered states of being; and at the end we gently return to the present and continue with our day.

EFT tapping and meditation

The use of EFT tapping is incorporated throughout each part. If you don’t know how to tap or even what it is, no matter! At the beginning of the session, before the meditation starts, we take you through how it all works. And if you forget during the meditation, that’s no problem either. All you need to do is briefly open your eyes, look at the meditation facilitator and copy what he or she is doing.

Audio support

The entire meditation is supported by an audio soundtrack. The audio assists with brainwave entrainment and induces a more relaxed state of being which, in turn, enhances the effects of the meditation session. A variety of artists and composers are used.


The meditation session runs for an hour. The first 15 minutes consist of documenting the day’s stress and placing it into the stress bucket; finding a space to sit and learning about doing EFT tapping if you don’t know how. The next 45 minutes consist of the meditation as per the process outlined above.


The cost per session is R150.

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