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I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to meet the incredible and dynamic Lorenzo Fioramonti at a Partners for Possibility alumni event.


People and relationships are the key

Lorenzo is a dynamic, humorous and engaging speaker. Experiencing him present his thinking first-hand was a delight. The Wellbeing Economy is touted as a manifesto for radical change in South Africa and beyond. I deeply resonated with Lorenzo’s views and vision.

The well being economy is about putting people and nature first. And realising that without these two, there is no future.
–Lorenzo Fioramonti

I have a perspective that people and relationships are the key to any successful venture. This is why I am engaged in community building work. Furthermore, I think technology, science, rationality and money are key contributors to a society devoid of real meaning and connectivity. To address the latter I’ve been engaging in one-on-one and group work around emotions and feelings with a desire to empower and connect us with our feelings again.

For me, true happiness and fulfilment arises when the brain and heart, thinking and feeling are in balance. I’m keen to explore and connect with Lorenzo to see what the possibilities are.

Wellbeing Economy Book

An overview of the WellbeingEeconomy book, taken from the publishers’s website. Economic growth is a constant mantra of politicians, economists and the media. Few understand what it is, but they love and follow it blindly. The reality is that since the global financial crisis, growth has vanished in the more industrialised economies and in the so-called developing countries. Politicians may be panicking, but is this really a bad thing?

Using real-life examples and innovative research, acclaimed political economist Lorenzo Fioramonti lays bare society’s perverse obsession with economic growth by showing its many flaws, paradoxes and inconsistencies. He argues that the pursuit of growth often results in more losses than gains and in damage, inequalities and conflicts.

By breaking free from the growth mantra, we can build a better society that puts the wellbeing of all at its centre. A wellbeing economy would have tremendous impact on everything we do, boosting small businesses and empowering citizens as the collective leaders of tomorrow.


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